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March 24, 2006
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Do you type in Windows? ARE yOU tIRED oF fUNNY lOOKING sENTENCES when you use the CapsLock key? Then wCapLockTM is for you!

wCapLock.exe is a Windows program designed to make your keyboard operate more like a typewriter. Once it has been started, the CapsLock and Shift keys interact the way you'd expect them to: If you are typing text with CapsLock turned on, and type a letter with the Shift key pressed, the letter you typed is capitalized, and CapsLock is turned off. This is in contrast to the default Windows operation where the Shift key changes the letter you typed to lower case, leaving CapsLock on for the rest of what you type - until you realize it's backwards, and have to go back and fix the whole line.

Once you've started wCapLockTM, it affects all of your applications, unless you deactivate it. Thus, your spreadsheets, word processors, and development tools will all start behaving in a more sensible manner, just by installing one program. Does that sound like a dream come true? It did to me, once I'd gotten the darned thing working!

wCapLockTM has another operating mode, developed at a customer request: If you specify the /2Key command line switch, it requires the Shift and CapsLock key be pressed simultaneously to turn CapsLock on. If you are one of the people that expects typewriter keyboards to work that way, you will find this switch useful.

The wCapLockTM distribution file includes both 16-bit and 32-bit versions so it can be used with a wider variety of Windows versions: When the current version of wCapLockTM was released, Windows NT 3.51 and Windows 95 were the newest versions available. The 32-bit version of wCapLockTM was built to work with NT, and, theoretically, Windows 95. However, user reports indicated that for Windows 95, the 16-bit version of the program was required. This is apparently because Windows 95 really isn't a 32-bit operating system (in spite of what Microsoft might have you believe). The same holds true for Windows 98: The 16-bit version of wCapLockTM must be used.

The current release of wCapLockTM does not work properly under NT 4.0. It has not been tested with Windows Millenium Edition, and is not expected to work with Windows 2000. A new version is in the works which should work correctly with all versions of NT, and, hopefully, with Windows 2000 and Millenium Edition.

version 3.2

wCapLockTM is distributed in a single ZIP file. Use PKUNZIP (or a similar utility) to extract the files and installation instructions once you have saved the archive on your computer.

The new version of wCapLockTM is expected to be completed by the middle of the year 2006, at which time the registration fee will be raised. Anyone who registers a copy of the program before the price increase will automatically receive the update as soon as it is released, for no additional charge.

Click here to register online if you already have a copy of wCapLockTM.


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